Fee Schedule

Many factors determine the overall cost of surrogacy. The information below is provided to assist in your planning and does not constitute a contract. Except for our agency fees, these are estimates and can change at any time without notice. Your surrogacy arrangement may cost more or less depending on your personal circumstances.

Agency Fees

Full Surrogacy Services, Option A: With this plan, you become a client of our agency and we begin working on your case immediately. If the right match is not in our current network of surrogates, we will search and recruit one for you.

Agency Retainer (due upon signing agreement with HS) $500
Initial Screenings (due upon signing agreement with HS) $500
Program Fee Installment (due upon match with surrogate) $4,000
2nd Program Fee Installment (due upon signing agreement with surrogate) $4,000
3rd Program Fee Installment (due at time of embryo transfer) $4,000


Full Surrogacy Services, Option B: Under this plan, we will keep you informed of any possible matches within our network; case management begins after matching.  

Application Fee $100
Program Fee Installment (due upon match with surrogate) $4,500
2nd Program Fee Installment (due upon signing agreement with surrogate) $4,500
3rd Program Fee Installment (due at time of embryo transfer) $4,000


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Surrogacy Case Management Only: Our agency will manage the details of your case after you have found a surrogate that you trust.

Program Fee Installment (due upon signing agreement with HS) $4,000
2nd Program Fee Installment (due at time of embryo transfer) $3,000


Surrogate Fees

Surrogate base compensation (variable; determined by surrogate) $25,000
Experienced carrier additional $5,000-$10,000
Multiple birth compensation additional $3,000-$5,000
Maternity clothing allowance (paid in full at 12 weeks of pregnancy) $500


Variable Surrogate Fees

Evaluation of the uterine cavity (sonohysterogram, saline sonogram, hysteroscopy; per occurrence) $250
Start of meds AND/OR mock or dropped cycle $500
Embryo transfer and bed rest $1,500
Life Insurance $300
Cesarean section (if not already determined necessary)         $2,000
Invasive procedures, such as amnio, CVS, D&C (per occurrence) $500
Fetal reduction $750
Labor induction due to loss or abnormalities $2,000
Loss of uterus $2,000
Hysterectomy $4,000
Loss of one or more tubes $1,500
Ectopic pregnancy surgery $1,000
Housekeeping if on bed rest $100/wk
Childcare if on bed rest $15-20/hr
Monthly expenses such as mileage, childcare, and vitamins Varies
Lost wages for appointments and bed rest Varies


Psychological Screening

Assessment of surrogate (and partner, if applicable) $200/hr
Assessment of intended parents and of both parties $400
Monthly therapy for surrogate $200/month


Legal Fees

Surrogate contract and pre- and post-birth orders $5,000
Escrow management (Estimate is for management by Heartland Surrogacy. Surrogacy fees are held in escrow by a licensed and insured attorney. Parents may seek other escrow management services.) $1,500


Additional Costs and Explanation of Fees
All costs associated with IVF charged by your fertility clinic are in addition to these estimates. Those costs include screening, medical testing, medications, laboratory, ultrasounds and office visits. If the surrogate does not hold a health insurance policy without surrogacy restrictions, we require that the intended parents provide one for her. All costs associated with the policy are also in addition to the above estimates. They include premiums, deductibles, coinsurance, and copays. Agency fees are non-refundable and staggered across important developments in the process. The surrogate base compensation will generally be paid out in 10 even installments: upon ultrasound confirmation of the heartbeat, every 4 weeks starting on week 10 and ending at week 38, and within 5 days for the child’s birth.Heartland Surrogacy carries out surrogate home visits for no additional cost. All other psychological services, as well as legal and escrow services, are paid directly to the provider and may vary. Parents may choose to use our agency lawyer as an escrow agent or seek alternative services. If a screened surrogate candidate fails a psychological review, Heartland Surrogacy will pay for the psychological review of another candidate as a courtesy.