Surrogacy Services

Matches From the Heartpregnancy

We are dedicated to matching you with a gestational surrogate that shares your dreams and goals. Our surrogates are healthy women that have passed interviews, medical record reviews, and criminal background checks (this includes the surrogate’s partner, if applicable) to join our program. During matching, screening continues with a home visit, psychological evaluations and testing, and medical exams as directed by your reproductive endocrinologist.


We serve as an intermediary for our matches. We will assist with negotiation of contracts and will be available throughout your journey to discuss the business aspects of your arrangement. Our agency will also connect you to industry providers and help you locate the additional services you need, such as medical and life insurance for your surrogate.


Our staff will coordinate all necessary scheduling and travel arrangements during your journey. This includes preliminary psychological evaluations and testing, medical screening, fertility and obstetric appointments, meetings with attorneys and other providers, legal filings, and legal procedures/hearings.

Surrogate Support

We support your surrogate from the time of acceptance into our program to the time of delivery, and through her postpartum recovery, so that she can focus on the pregnancy and building your beautiful family. You can rest assured that we are available to her and can assist in securing additional support and services for her. We know surrogacy is not on a 9-5 schedule for our clients, and neither is it for us. Through evening and weekend availability, we make ourselves accessible when you need us.


Case Management Services

Heartland Surrogacy also offers case management services for privately made matches. This option is available for intended parents that have already found a gestational surrogate they trust, but would like the expertise and security of working with an agency.