Surrogacy Process

Below is a brief overview of surrogacy through our agency. This process takes an average of 18-24 months, but can vary depending on your personal circumstances. Contact us with any questions you may have.

  1. surrogacy process in IowaSubmit your Gestational Carrier Application.
  2. Obtain your medical records and a letter of clearance from your OB.
  3. Sign a release form for background checks.
  4. Medical records are reviewed and background check is completed.
  5. Meet with a Heartland Surrogacy representative and have a home visit.
  6. Get matched with intended parent(s).
  7. Complete phone interviews and meetings with the parent(s) and the agency.
  8. Undergo psychological evaluations and medical screening.
  9. Sign contracts with the parent(s).
  10. Start medication and, if appropriate, coordinate cycles.
  11. Undergo embryo transfer.
  12. Enjoy your pregnancy!
  13. Give the parents the joy of parenthood!

Our Commitment to You

As a Heartland surrogate, you will have the benefit of working with a local agency that values your hard work and compassion. With an experienced gestational carrier at the head of our organization, we know the importance of trust and communication in surrogacy arrangements.
Our surrogates set their own compensation; we suggest a minimum base of $25,000 and can guide you in adjusting for experience and carrying multiples. The base compensation is solely for your pain and suffering during the pregnancy; it does not include variable or optional fees. Please review our fee schedule for more details.