is a great resource for surrogates and intended parents alike. Among their informative articles is Surrogacy Postpartum: Tips for Friends and Family Members, in which they explain some of the unique challenges of being a post-birth surrogate and help debunk common myths. The article also compiles a spot-on list of how to help the surrogate (and her family) during this time:

  • Help out at home. She won’t have a baby to care for, but she will still be recovering from birth. You can help out with household chores (dishes, laundry, vacuuming) or caring for pets.
  • Casseroles. “The staple of helping out, everywhere.” A home-cooked meal goes a long way in showing that you care. The family is spared from having to cook or having take-out again.
  • Help out with the kids she does have. Driving her kids to school/scheduled activities or taking them on a special outing will give her a little time and space for recovery.
  • Keep her company. The surrogate will benefit from socializing, and her support people (partner, extended family, etc) will be able to take some time to themselves.

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