Podcasts can be a fun and low-pressure way to learn about something new. However, it can be difficult to find podcasts about surrogacy that are informative and unbiased.  We did the screening for you, and found some balanced and engaging stories about surrogacy. Below you will find summaries of and links to podcasts featuring gestational carrier stories. These podcasts include the decision to become or use a surrogate, challenges with treatment, pregnancy and birth, and the reward of placing a new baby in the arms of their intended parents. We have also included links to Resolve’s tele-seminars that provide introductory information about surrogacy, as well as other third party reproductive options.

Source: The Birth Story podcast

Podcast: The Birth Hour: A Birth Story Podcast

Title: Gestational Carrier Birth Story

Date: March 1, 2016

Perspective: Carrier and Mother

Synopsis: If we had to pick a favorite surrogacy podcast, this would be it, because it features an interview with both the gestational carrier and the intended mom. The surrogate shares her desire to become a surrogate and the intended mom shares her journey through infertility and multiple failed in vitro fertilization procedures. Together, the two women share how they met and matched and their unique experiences during the pregnancy and birth. They are open about many details, from the legal documents to the medical appointments.

Podcast: The Birth Hour: A Birth Story Podcast 

Title: Surrogacy: Carrying my Brother’s Babies

Date: September 1, 2016

Perspective: Gestational Carrier

Synopsis: This podcast features the story of a woman who acted as a gestational carrier for her brother and sister-in-law, who underwent a lifesaving hysterectomy. In the episode, she shares details of her decision, as well as her pregnancy, labor, and delivery. She also provides an honest perspective of life after a surrogacy birth, including lactating, recovering physically and emotionally, and the act of giving the babies “back to whom they belong.”

Podcast: Conversations

Title: Shannon Garner’s Surrogate Pregnancy

Date: July 24, 2016

Perspective: Gestational Carrier

Synopsis: This podcast features a comprehensive look at the surrogacy process, from the carrier’s first interest in becoming a surrogate, to the treatment and birth, to the long term relationship and contact level after the baby’s birth.  During this in-depth interview you will meet an altruistic (not paid) gestational carrier in Australia who carried a baby for a gay couple. She covers issues such as explaining surrogacy to her own children and the emotions involved in growing a baby and then placing him with his parents.

Podcast: Just a Parent Here Myself

Title: Sanctuary and Surrogates

Date: November 2, 2016

Perspective: Father

Synopsis:  This podcast features an interview with a father of twins via gestational surrogacy. The episode begins with him and his husband’s decision to pursue parenthood and their choice to explore surrogacy. This episode also takes an in-depth look at their process to secure donated breast milk for their twins. The instant-father-of-two also shares his personal parenting challenges and the steps he took to address them.

In addition to these podcasts, we also recommend tele-seminars by Resolve, the National Infertility Organization. Their podcasts include the basics of planning a surrogacy pregnancy, as well as podcasts on the emotional aspects of using third party reproduction.

Tele-seminars and Podcasts

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What podcasts about surrogacy, infertility, or parenting do you enjoy?