Heartland Surrogacy loves to support businesses that give to important causes. We’ve recently learned about Sweet Pea, an online marketplace that gives to couples dealing with infertility. Here they tell us about their business and ways to get involved:

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Sweet Pea is a family business, with founders that have struggled to make our own families grow. First-hand experience with infertility inspired us to give back to the community in the way that matters most to us. We don’t have good things to say about infertility. We wouldn’t wish this struggle on anyone, but the one thing that seems to make the pain of infertility lessen just a bit is having a strong community of people who are experiencing the same struggle. At Sweet Pea our goal is to nurture the infertility community while helping make those baby dreams a reality.

We are an online marketplace featuring boutiques, fashion items, and home decor, but the most important part is of our vision is that each month we hold a photo contest to raise money, directly funding infertility treatments for four couples struggling with infertility. We know there isn’t just one right way to grow a family, so Sweet Pea supports fertility treatments, surrogate care, and adoption costs. If the burden of infertility is weighing on you, visit Sweet Pea’s site for some financial and community support. With Sweet Pea you can save a little time by shopping online and know you are helping families grow, two tiny feet at a time.

Our site officially launches on September 5th, 2016 where we will begin selling products and raising money for infertility! To get involved just follow these three steps:
  1. Shop– Browse the site and see what Sweet Pea has to offer. You will discover unique clothing and decor that accents your style.
  2. Vote– Make your way over to the Photo Contest page where you can read stories of couples who are hoping to grow their family and place your vote.
  3. Share- Spread the word to family and friends by sharing your favorite boutique items and photo contest votes on social media.